The Wine Club

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  • The Wine Club

    Welcome to the Wine Club of La Conreria d'Escaladei

    The objective of the Wine Club is to bring its members to a very careful selection of wines, made based on the winery's seriousness and its elaboration methods.

    If you want to become a member of the Wine Club, you just have to call us:

    977 827 055

  • The private cava

    Own a cava with more than 100 labels

    With eagerness to bring the public closer to the Priorat and especially to our wines, La Conreria d'Escaladei has created the "Private Cava" space.

    The private Cava offers its owner the possibility of:

    Own a cava with more than 100 labels of our best wines Have your own space inside the winery of La Conreria d'Escaladei
    Enjoy our facilities 365 days a year Availability of the service of our winemaker for tasting and guided tours
    Catering service provided by the winery at each visit you make Discounts on company, tourism and wine activities


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La Cava